Romanian Blockchain Ecosystem

1. General Initiatives

  • to set up an EBSI node, functional and integrated with the EBSI network and operations — this is the second node in Romania, the first one was installed by the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics — ICI Bucharest at the end of 2020;
  • to deploy the Diplomas’ use-case, by developing applications and services for digital credentials and micro-credentials, integrated with the National Student Enrolment Registry;
  • to support capacity building and blended training activities for universities, institutions and companies, targeting a broader uptake of the EBSI by public and private services, by developing MOOCs on the Unicampus MOOC platform.
  • securing and transparency of information regarding companies
  • supporting Blockchain projects for the digitalization of the country
  • encouraging companies to adopt this technology
  • development of digital skills related to Blockchain.

2. Educational initiatives and projects

  • to improve the awareness of scholars about the potential of Blockchain in education,
  • to improve knowledge about the decentralized applications programming,
  • to pilot and introduce Blockchain applications in the Romanian education system and policies.



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